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Friday, July 30, 2010

iPad update

I returned it.


  • My feeling after playing around with someone's iPad were similar to my feelings after playing around with Google Wave: yes, ok, it's a brilliant technological achievement...and? Being impressive doesn't necessarily make something useful, and though I can imagine uses for an iPad, I suspect for most people its utility is far below that of many other gadgets.

  • Yeah, if you "play around" with someone else's, I can see how you reach that conclusion, Jay. I've had one for 3 weeks now, and though during that time I've run into the buffers and got frustrated with it's apparent limitations, I have begun to impose my will on the thing, so it is beginning to be an important tool for my working life - research/academia/writing stuff.

  • Why did you get it?

  • Why did you get it?


  • I'm glad you were able to return it.

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