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Thursday, June 18, 2009

a brilliant new archive

Now this is fabulous: the British Library’s enormous archive of 19th-century newspapers. (Story in the Guardian here.) The terms are somewhat confusing, and only paid subscribers will be able to download stuff — but still. Amazing. It might not make Nicholson Baker happy, but it makes me happy. I have to get Wheaton’s library to subscribe ASAP.


  • Oh, thank you, thank you, for pointing to this treasure trove. It's a bit selective in the newspapers included -- no Times frex. But lots of variety, including provincial papers.

    The pay-as-you-go option isn't an outlandish price. L10 for a week's access and a couple hundred articles. So even those who can't access via a Library Subscription aren't out of luck.

    Now, if they could only put the Burney Collection (17-18thC newspapers) online for access outside the computers in the London Reading Rooms. Dream, dream...

  • Alan Jacobs said...

    nadezhda, don't you suspect that the Times opted out of this because they want to control (and sell) their own archive? That would be my guess, anyway.

  • I bet you've hit it on why the Times is missing.

    I was casually using the Times as an example of London papers -- they've got some important ones but not as many of the Napoleonic era ones (most of which didn't survive so don't have an archive to milk) as I would have hoped. But they do have the Examiner! Yeah!

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