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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lessig on Helprin

Mark Helprin's new book Digital Barbarism is shockingly bad; Larry Lessig explains why here.


  • Michael Straight said...

    Helprin's _Winter's Tale_ is a beautiful book. If he had his way, my great-grandchildren would almost certainly have no chance of reading it. It's very unlikely to stay in print that long, and even if a publisher were interested in reprinting it 75 years from now, it wouldn't be worth the cost and trouble of tracking down his heirs and getting permission.

  • Alan Jacobs said...

    Very good point, Michael. (And I agree about Winter's Tale, and think that A Soldier of the Great War is even better.)

  • Matt Frost said...

    How about intellectual property primogeniture, in which all rights pass down in perpetuity to the eldest male heir, without subdivision of interests, etc? Problem solved!

  • Alan Jacobs said...

    Matt, that's pretty much what Helprin wants!

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