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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

once more with feeling

Just a note: So far this year I have re-read several books, and I am giving serious consideration to making this The Year of Re-Reading. I will have to read some things I haven't read before because of reviewing commitments — David Foster Wallace's forthcoming The Pale King, for instance — but I think I may commit to making all my elective reading re-reading.
I do like shiny new things, even in book form, so I am hesitant — but if I do embark on this experiment it ought to be interesting. For me, anyway.


  • I go back and forth on this; sometimes I pick up a book I read 10, 15 years ago, and it's new to me, but it means that I'll never get to some other book I've never read, time being limited and all. I've read Til We Have Faces a dozen times, but still haven't cracked, say, Endo's Silence.

  • Karen Wilson said...

    The only David Foster Wallace I've read is "Good People," which I understand is included in "The Pale King." I've wondered what your students would make of it. Will look forward to your review!

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